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East Riding

The East Riding of Yorkshire

East Riding Map

The East Riding of Yorkshire is an area of 930 square miles, only 68 square miles less than the country of Luxemburg which is 998 square miles.  The East Riding has 53 miles of coastline, 333 settlements and a population of 350,000 just over half of whom live in dispersed rural communities.  The area is served by 1 district council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council which covers 13 Town Councils and 155 Parish Councils. 

The geography of the area provides its own challenges and the dispersed nature of service demand has implications to all sectors delivering services as well as  the communities who live there.
Engaging the East Riding
My role as Engagement Officer representing the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) was introduced in June 2017. It has since been much welcomed by communities and partner organisations alike.  I work with individuals, Parish, Town and East Riding Councils, partner and community organisations.  My work includes raising awareness of the role and responsibilities of the Police & Crime Commissioner, his office, the Police & Crime Plan as well as Humberside Police and other Partner agencies.  

Debbie Fagan

We are not part of Humberside Police and are unable to get involved in individual cases but I do listen to community views of the services they receive and feedback when needed. 

I also provide an East Riding-wide communications network for Partners to use when they are seeking community views or have important information they want to share.  I provide a signposting service helping anyone who has a problem but is unsure where to get advice and/or assistance in finding a solution. I often describe my work as ‘joining the dots’ which can be the public to agencies and agencies to other in order to improve services and outcomes for East Riding residents.

However, I am able to raise community concerns with the Police and signpost to the correct agency or department if someone is having difficulty talking to the right people for their problem.

I am able to provide and feedback the correct information which often makes a big difference to people’s perceptions and understanding of why things have or haven’t happened in the way they thought they should.  The independent nature of my role ensures impartiality and creates an ‘enabling’ approach to all aspects of engagement.

Rural Safety

I champion rural safety with all partners and have worked with Humberside Police to build an effective approach to improving Rural Safety not just for the East Riding but for Humberside as a whole.

The last three years have seen the development of a very successful partnership between Humberside Police, Partner Agencies and active Community representatives who come together in a range of ways to identify, consider and plan the approach to rural policing and community action.   This work has highlighted the difference in approach that is required from urban policing and has helped to inform the 20% increase in policing numbers in the East Riding, including additional Patrol Officers who respond to emergencies and crime in progress, increased numbers of Neighbourhood Beat Officers and latterly, the introduction of a Rural Task Force to the East Riding.

There is now an established engagement structure with a Humber wide Rural Advisory Group consisting of Humberside Police, Partners and Community Members supported by a more local North Bank and South Bank Rural Advisory Group.   In January, We carried out a survey across rural communities in Humberside asking for people to nominate their top 3 rural policing priorities.  We received over 600 responses and the

You can now find out who your local Neighbourhood Policing Team are through the Humberside Police web site through this link:

I represent the OPCC on the Crime Stoppers Humber Board which is the local representation for the national and well known national Crime Stoppers charity.  Work is currently underway to set up a Humber wide network to promote Crime Stoppers who provide a confidential telephone and internet service for you to pass actionable information to the Police on crime and criminals. Such a service is really valuable, particularly in small communities where relationships are so important.

CrimeStoppers – Tel: 0800 555111 – web:

Meet The Commissioner Programme.

In 2018, I introduced a programme of meetings across the East Riding for members of 168 Town & Parish Councils to come along and meet the Commissioner, hear about his work and have their questions answered.  These meetings were very successful and were repeated annually with the broadening of the audience to include members of East Riding Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watch Groups together with East Riding Council Ward Councillors culminating in our 2021 programme which saw the invite extended to the general East Riding public.  This year, the meetings had to move from face to face across East Riding locations to online meetings using Zoom but remained successful, if not more so with attendees preferring the convenience of staying at home.  Meet the Commissioner meetings are now held in all four Local Authority areas in Humberside.


I continue to circulate information widely across the East Riding through an E Bulletin which is generally issued quarterly bit sometimes more often if there is important news or information to share either from me or a partner organisation. The Bulletin is shared widely across the statutory and voluntary sector Partners and volunteer organisations. 

My Community Alert

Have you ever seen a police car or fire engine pass by only to discover the road ahead is closed? Or heard a rumour about a run of crime in your street and wished you had known about it sooner?

My Community Alert is a free messaging system operated by Humberside Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Humberside Police and Humberside Fire & Rescue Service giving you live information about incidents happening in your area.

Choose how you receive messages, by either phone or email, how often you want to hear from us and about the issues that matter to you.

When something happens that you’ve told us you want to hear about, your local officer will send you the details, whether that’s notice of a road closure due to a collision or a burglar who has been caught in a nearby garden.

Subscribe to My Community Alert to be the first to know about issues that might affect you or your family. For more information go to:

East Riding Crime Reduction Fund (CRF)

The Police & Crime Commissioner provides funding to support community groups and not-for-profit organisations in carrying out projects and activities that reduce crime.  The CRF is awarded through the East Riding Community Safety Partnership and grants for funding up to £10,000 are administered by Two Ridings Community Foundation You can find more information please visit:

How to get in touch

I am passionate about the beautiful East Riding and understand the issues that affect those living in rural communities.  I am currently working remotely but you can contact me by:

Email:  or by

Telephone:  07464 685366