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Equality & Diversity

Diversity_LogoThe Diversity Panel 

The Diversity Panel is a not for profit organisation working for social justice to create a more inclusive society that thinks more about those at the very margins of our communities. The Panel aims to encompass all aspects of equality, diversity and human rights and has a primary function of acting as a ‘critical friend’ to local Criminal Justice Service agencies, including Humberside Police. Panel members are able to scrutinise the work of local agencies and assist in trying to meet the needs of local communities. All Diversity Panel members have been recruited to the Panel due to their outstanding knowledge and experience of equalities and human rights issues, alongside their interpersonal skills and adeptness at scrutiny and research. 

Hate Crime

Being you isn't a crime! If anyone targets you because of your race, sex, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, even your appearance or the way you dress, you may be the victim of a Hate Crime. You can find more information on how to report a Hate Crime to Humberside Police by clicking HERE

See some of our previous campaign activity to stamp out Hate Crime - Read more HERE

Hate Crime? So do we! Watch the video below.