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North East Lincolnshire

Katrina Goodhand – Engagement Officer for North East Lincolnshire

KatrinaI am the Engagement Officer for the Police and Crime Commissioner covering North East Lincolnshire.  It is my job to make sure that the crime, policing and antisocial behaviour issues that cause the most concern for the community are listened to and understood by Police and Community Safety Partnership teams.  I represent the community at Policing meetings and on Community Safety panels and I represent the Police and Crime Commissioner at Community meetings.  I do this by attending place and community meetings and events such as East Marsh United and Widows Club as well as business meetings such as Town Centre Antisocial Behaviour meetings and Pubwatch.  I visit charities who are providing a community service such as Harbour Place and Women’s Aid and attend youth council and school events.  North East Lincolnshire has 14 Town, Parish and Village Councils and via direct visits to councils and via the Town and Parish Liaison Committee the Police and Crime Commissioner and myself have also sought the opinions of residents of North East Lincolnshire through their local councillors. I also chair the Place Engagement Officer Network, which has representation from numerous agencies all providing some level of community engagement in North East Lincolnshire. Importantly I live and work in North East Lincolnshire so I am also a member of the community I represent.  

There are a number of organisations funded via the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner including the Community Safety Partnership and I make regular contact with these organisations to ensure that the services they are funded to deliver, are relevant to the emerging issues in North East Lincolnshire and meet the needs of the community.  When Keith Hunter decided that a Crime Reduction Fund could be made available to third sector organisations he passed the budget for this fund to the Community Safety Partnership to distribute this funding via a competitive process.  My role in relation to the Crime Reduction Funding is to promote the funding available and sit as one of the eight members of the CRF awarding panel, the chair of which is the portfolio holder for NEL. 

News in the North East Lincolnshire area Tommy Coyle

The PCC Funded Tommy Coyle - Box Clever project attended Grant Thorold Park two nights a week over the past 6 weeks and was a great success.  We were lucky that the weather on most nights was perfect and the youth engagement at the park was excellent.  The project was well supported by Young and Safe and Fusion Boxing.

Watch this space for more Tommy Coyle events in North East Lincolnshire in September.

The Engagement Team were shortlisted for a Team Impact award recently and despite not achieving the actual award we had a fabulous evening and were grateful that the work we do had been recognised.

The Police and Crime Commissioner visited Grimsby for a debate about the war on Drugs which I also attended alongside members of NEL community.  It was really well attended and was certainly a debate to make you think.

The project team for the visit from the Knife Angel are now getting together to plan this spectacular event early next year and we will be speaking with local businesses to ask for some partnership support.

The first round of CRF Funding in 2019 has now been granted to some successful projects and the whole panel are very excited about the fantastic outcomes these projects will be delivering over the coming months. 

Funding was granted to: Addaction, Sussex Recreation Centre, YMCA, Fusion Boxing and Emerge Hub, with ongoing funding from last year for Shalom outreach, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Neighbourhood Watch and Empower for target hardening.

The NEL Crime Reduction Fund is now open for bids with the closing date being 13th September. CRF NELApplication forms are available at Any not for profit charitable organisation can bid for funds for projects which meet the aims of the Police and Crime Plan and the NEL Community Safety Plan.

Previous successful projects include the Trin Youth Centre, Willows Youth Centre, Shalom Centre, Women’s Aid, Harbour Place, Creative Start, Fusion Boxing, Ghetto Park, Beach Hut, Grimsby in Bloom, West Marsh Community Centre, Sidney Sussex Recreation Ground, Welholme Works, Neighbourhood Watch and more.  We are keen to see bids from partnerships and new applicants and new projects.

Diary of meetings August, September and October:

New Waltham Parish Council meeting

Outcome Based Planning meeting (NLincs)

Ward Walk around East Marsh

Meeting with Council Deputy Leader and Safer Portfolio holder

Cromwell Road Police Station NEE NAW Day

Tommy Coyle Box Clever meeting

Internet Fraud meeting with police

Bradley Parish Council Meeting

Festival of the Sky Cleethorpes

Youth Board

ASB meetings

Barnoldby Le Beck Parish Council meeting

Older persons Day - Cleethorpes

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