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North Lincolnshire

Claire Welford

Claire Welford – Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Engagement Officer – North Lincolnshire

I’ve been working across North Lincolnshire since June 2017. My role is to engage with local communities to help identify local priorities, understand issues and support agencies to identify good practice and improvements. I am not a representative of the police to the public but rather the voice of the public to the police and other agencies involved in Community Safety. I will often be able to guide people who to direct their enquiries at regarding specific issues and find out more information about various processes to help manage expectations of the public. By doing this my role contributes to building confidence in local agencies involved in Community Safety.

Another part of my role is to explore local networks by meeting with voluntary, statutory and other partners and community groups to look at how communities can play a role in developing services that respond to priorities and emerging trends. I attend a range of operational and strategic meetings covering a wide range of topics and issues. I am able to share information from other areas of work and the community to inform decision making. Having an overall view of the whole system is beneficial to ensure effective service delivery from partners and avoid adverse outcomes. I am in a privileged position to support relationship building and making links between projects, partners and communities.

Our office have overall responsibility for commissioning a range of services for victims and other services, more information can be found HERE. We’d like to hear about users of these services, did they meet your needs and could we improve the service offer? The office has also made funds available to the Community Safety Partnership - click here. Some of this money can be bid for by local community groups and other funds are available for partners to pilot new approaches and new services.

Ongoing areas of work

  • Supporting communities to access Community SpeedWatch
  • Promoting the Community Safety Partnership’s Crime Reduction Fund
  • Supporting rural communities to set local priorities via the Rural Safety Advisory Forum and Rural Safety Conference
  • Developing channels to ensure the public know how to raise issues and have a say in priority setting for their local area
  • Supporting Humberside Police by hosting the North Lincs Fraud Forum

If you have any local community issues you should refer them in the first instance to your local Councillor to raise at your ward level NAT (details below)

Get involved:

Neighbourhood Action Teams

Did you know each ward area has a NAT. They are chaired by local ward councillors and attended by Town/Parish Councillors, Police, Safer Neighbourhoods, OPCC, Ongo, North Lincolnshire Council Rep, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators, Schools and other community group representatives. They come together to choose priorities for the area and solve problems. If you have something you’d like the team to discuss you can contact your local ward councillor - click here or your Safer Neighbourhoods Officer 

Neighbourhood Watch Groups

There are over 200 groups across North Lincolnshire and they have changed a lot over the years. The Safer Neighbourhood Team have developed the scheme to be flexible to fit around your commitments and they offer support and training to help.

There are also a range of Business Watch groups that have been set up to tackle commercial burglaries and other issues. Please contact them if you would like to be involved.

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March 2021