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Jonathan Evison elected as Humberside PCC


Jonathan Evison has been elected as the new Police and Crime Commissioner for the Humberside Police force area, beating incumbent PCC Keith Hunter in a second preference count.

Following the first round count of ballot papers today, no candidate had achieved the required overall majority of +50% of votes cast and Mr Evison was elected after a second count of supplementary votes with a majority of 7,919 (full result below).

Following the announcement of the final result by the Returning Officer, Mr Evison was sworn in as Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside. He will serve for three years, the next scheduled election is in May 2024. He is currently a Councillor in North Lincolnshire for the Barton ward, Mayor of North Lincolnshire and Chair of the Humberside Police and Crime Panel which holds the PCC to account.

Following the announcement Mr Evison said: "I am elated to have been elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for the Humberside Police area. My priorities will be to increase the number of police on our streets and have a more visible policing presence, to tackle the issues of drugs and anti-social behaviour, a higher concentration on rural crime so our rural areas are not feeling left behind and to spend some time looking into the 101 non-emergency call system and building public confidence in that system so the public can feel confident in reporting a crime and knowing something will get done.

"I am here to represent the public, be an advocate for you and be a visible Commissioner in all our communities."

There will now be a short transition period and Mr Evison will officially take over the office of Police and Crime Commissioner on Thursday 13th May. 

First Round Count Result                                        Second Round Count Result                           
Jonathan Evison (Con) - 71,554 (45.6%)                Jonathan Evison (Con) - 7,980                            
Keith Hunter (Lab) - 61,859 (39.4%)                       Keith Hunter (Lab) - 9,756     
Bob Morgan (LibDem) - 23,640 (15.0%)
Final Total         
Jonathan Evison (Con) - 79,534
Keith Hunter (Lab) - 71,615              
Turnout - 22.92%



Posted on Saturday 8th May 2021