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Scrutiny Volunteers

Use of Force Scrutiny GroupOn behalf of the residents of East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, the Police and Crime Commissioner ensures that Humberside Police works well and meets the needs of its communities.

The Commissioner also has to make sure that Humberside Police are helping to deliver on the Police and Crime Plan 

To do this, the Commissioner ‘scrutinises’ certain issues and activities, through members of the public and representatives from specialist agencies.

These activities include:

  • Use of Police Powers: local volunteers scrutinise the police use of powers (including Use of Force and Stop & Search) through group discussions and interpretation of police records, statistics and site visits, and how this impacts on our communities. For more information click here.
  • Hate Crime: local volunteers scrutinise common themes and trends in the statistics and decision-making process and how this impacts on diverse and vulnerable communities. For more information click here.
  • Custody Visiting: local volunteers make unannounced visits across our two custody suites to check and report on the welfare of people being held there. For more information click here.
  • Domestic Abuse: working with other organisations to review and improve investigation of domestic abuse and supporting/safeguarding of victims.  This scrutiny is undertaken by the various organisations involved in the provision of domestic abuse services and is not open to the public (it is for that organisation to select its own representative when a vacancy arises).

In addition to scrutiny undertaken by Scrutiny Volunteers and external professionals, it is worth noting that the Commissioner also undertakes an internal assurance role, fulfilled in several ways including regular assurance conversations and one-to-one briefings with Chief Officers from Humberside Police.

Our office also hosts a Joint Independent Audit Committee (JIAC) and Accountability Board, the latter of which provides the principle way that the Commissioner holds the Chief Constable to account.


A significant part of our scrutiny consists of members of the public helping the Police and Crime Commissioner check that Humberside Police is working well and ethically.

The findings from our scrutiny groups help to inform our Independent Ethics and Scrutiny Board. This Board in turn helps to inform Police and Crime Commissioner's discussions with the Chief Constable and others.  Scrutiny Volunteers are vital because they:

  • Provide real life experiences.
  • Generate new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Challenge assumptions about existing ways of working.

They check and challenge issues and report their findings so that the wider public can have confidence in Humberside Police through helping to influence the decisions that the Commissioner makes.

They provide the opportunity to do things differently, to learn and to progress.


Scrutiny Volunteers are usually recruited as and when vacancies arise, although we take expressions of interest all year round.

The first step is to submit an application to us. You will also need to check the eligibility criteria, which is:

  • You must be aged 18 years or over and reside in the Humberside Police area.
  • You must be willing to undertake security vetting to an appropriate level for certain roles, and must disclose in your application form whether you have ever been convicted of any offences punishable with imprisonment within the last five years, or have any criminal convictions.  This information is a requirement in all applications but may not necessarily affect your application.
  • You must be willing to serve for a minimum of two years (extendable to three years before re-application).
  • You must be willing to attend regular meetings (physical or online) throughout each year (usually between 4-6 meetings), be willing to undertake induction and other training as required, read information ahead of meetings and collectively help create reports as required.
  • You must not be a current member of the Force/Local Independent Advisory Groups (IAG), a serving Councillor within the Humberside Police area, a current police officer/member of police staff, or a member of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. This is not an exhaustive list.

Although you will not be paid, your role as a Scrutiny Volunteer should not leave you out of pocket. You will be able to claim reasonable expenses for travelling to and from meetings and training. We will also provide food and refreshments at meetings.

Giving your time to a cause you believe in, in order to influence policing can be very rewarding.

When you apply, we will contact you to discuss the role(s) you are interested in and how we can progress. If there are a large number of expressions at any one time, please note that we will keep you informed (subject to your consent) of when suitable vacancies arise for up to 12 months.


We are really keen to hear from people in our local communities who want to make a difference.  We want to ensure that our scrutiny reflects local communities and interests. By improving this representation we will be better able to influence local needs and we will all benefit from differences in thinking, points of view and approaches that diversity brings.

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, including diverse and minority groups.

For the Use of Police Powers Scrutiny Group, we are particularly interested in hearing from those affected by the use of police powers such as Use of Force and Stop & Search.

For the Hate Crime Group, we are seeking volunteers with lived experience of hate crime who can help us effectively scrutinise the police response.

The most recent recruitment window for Scrutiny Volunteers was January 2021. We will be recruiting again in the near future so keep checking back. 

Application Form

Application Form (plain text version)

Scrutiny Volunteer Role profiles:

Use of Police Powers Scrutiny Group

Hate Crime Scrutiny Group