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10-Year Crime Trend

It's often said that crime has been falling for many years and is now at the lowest it has been for some time, so is that true or not?

The truth is quite subjective and there are a few factors to take into account, the face of crime has changed considerably over the last couple of decades, so has the way crime is reported and how statistics are used, with frequent changies made by the Home Office to crime recording rules. Let's look at some examples:

Car crime - Advances in vehicle security means cars are quite difficult to steal these days unless you have the keys. So vehicle theft has gone down but so-called 'Hanoi' burglaries, where a thief breaks into your property with the intention of getting the keys to steal the car, have increased. 

Burglary - House burglaries are lower than they used to be years ago, but non-dwelling burglaries (sheds, garages and business premises) and still high. This may be down to the fact that criminals know they will receive a longer sentence for burgling a house than they will for an outbuilding or empty business premise, and many people store high value items such as bikes and power tools in sheds and garages.

Violent Crime - Hull, East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire are still relatively safe places to live when compared to some other areas of the country, but violent crime continues to rise. Violence is recorded in different categories depending on how serious it is. Violence with injury covers serious assaults causing physical harm. Violence without injury is the biggest category and covers a wide range of offences from assaults where no injury occurs to harrasment and threats of violence.  

Fraud and Cyber Crime - These crimes have seen the biggest rises over the last decade. Cyber Crimes are offences carried out over the internet, from financial fraud to sexual offences. Since 2013 online fraud offences have been recorded by the national Action Fraud service, not individual police forces, so these figures are not included here after that date.

Summary - You can see here that crime in the Humberside Police area fell significantly until 2013, but has been rising again every year since. When you take into account the figures for fraud and cyber crime are not currently included, this number will actually be considerably higher than it is at the moment. Action Fraud plan to release figures for individual police force areas, only then will we know the true picture.



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