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Rehabilitation of Offenders

Since 1 June 2014 the rehabilitation of offenders across England and Wales is managed and delivered by 21 regional Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) and the new National Probation Service (NPS).  These two new organisations replace the previous 35 probation trusts. You can read more information about what they do by clicking the links below.

CRCThe Humberside, Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company is one of these 21 CRC’s, formed by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) as companies limited by shares. In late 2014 the MoJ awarded the contract for this area to Purple Futures.
The CRC works collaboratively with the NPS to reduce reoffending and keep communities safe - but the focus of each, and the types of cases they manage, differs.
The CRC are responsible for managing and supervising medium and low risk offenders, including short sentenced offenders. It is their responsibility to deliver the sentence of the court for each offender allocated to them with the aim to rehabilitate offenders and reduce reoffending.
As a critical player in the Criminal Justice System they work alongside other criminal justice agencies to achieve their aims: The National Probation Service, police, prison service, the courts, Crown Prosecution Service, and many other partner agencies throughout Humberside, Lincolnshire and North Yorkshire.
You can find out more by clicking HERE or follow them on Twitter @HLNYprobation 


The National Probation Service is a statutory criminal justice service that supervises high-risk offenders released into the community.

They work with around 30,000 offenders a year, supporting their rehabilitation while protecting the public.
Their priority is to protect the public by the effective rehabilitation of high risk offenders, by tackling the causes of offending and enabling offenders to turn their lives around. You can find out more by visiting