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Scrutiny of Humberside Police

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner works on behalf of the public to scrutinise certain aspects of police work. One of these is the Use of Force.

Force used by police officers and certain staff (for example detention officers) is authorised in specified circumstances. They are trained in the use of force and will face numerous circumstances during their duties where the use of force is appropriate. However, the use of force must have a lawful objective such as the prevention of injury to others or damage to property, or the effecting of a lawful arrest.

Responsibility for the use of force rests with the officer exercising that force. Officers must be able to show that the use of force was lawful, proportionate and necessary in the circumstances. Using handcuffs, for example, may not always be a necessary or proportionate response.

It is important to recognise that each use of force incident involves a unique set of circumstances, with the officer's decision making based on a variety of factors. The circumstances and considerations should be continually reassessed using the National Decision Making Model to achieve this.

Use of Force Scrutiny Panel 

This independent group, managed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, is made up of people from different backgrounds and organisations who have a specific interest in policing. Use of Force Scrutiny Group


To provide independent scrutiny to the use of force by officers within Humberside Police.  


  • To achieve greater transparency and understanding in the use of force
  • To improve public confidence and trust in the application of the use of force
  • To increase awareness of policy, training and tactical considerations surrounding the use of force
  • To collate and review evidence of good practice and adopt as appropriate
  • To provide the force with an independent and external viewpoint on the use of force

The panel meets quarterly to review Humberside Police's use of force records. Random dip-samples will take place and the panel will then meet to look at the appropriateness of the use of force used.

By examining records and body worn video footage, they will provide feedback to the force, highlighting any areas of concern or good practice.

Further information on Use of Force can be found on the Humberside Police website HERE, including details of how to make a complaint.