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Victim Satisfaction


The Home Office requires all police forces to carry out a regular survey of selected victims of crime. The survey makes contact with a sample of around 1,600 victims of violent crime, domestic burglary and vehicle crime over each year to establish their views in relation to the service they received from the police.  The results are based on crimes which were reported two months previously.  For example, for crimes which were reported in February, these people are surveyed in April. 

As part of a recent Home Office requirement, victims of Domestic Abuse who have given us their permission, are now being contacted to give us their views and these results will be published at a future date.

Feedback from victims is used to help the police improve overall service and helps to develop training and guidance for police officers and staff. 

The survey is divided into 5 core question areas:
1. Initial contact – Are you satisfied, dissatisfied or neither with how easy it was to contact someone who could assist you?
2. Actions taken – Are you satisfied, dissatisfied or neither with the actions taken by the police?
3. Follow-up – Are you satisfied, dissatisfied or neither with how well you were kept informed of progress?
4. Treatment – Are you satisfied, dissatisfied or neither with the way you were treated by the police officers and staff who dealt with you?
5. Whole experience – Taking the whole experience into account, are you satisfied, dissatisfied, or neither with the service provided by the police in this case?

The latest rolling 12-month Humberside data (to March 2016) indicated that overall victim satisfaction was 5 percentage points down on the previous year, but has started to improve again over the past few months


Victim Satisfaction Survey
 % Satisfied12 mths to
 March 14 
 12 mths to
 March 15 
 12 mths to
 March 16 
12 mths to
 May 16  
12 mths to 
 Nov 16  
 Whole Experience  86.1%  82.4%  77.4%  77.3%  81.0%