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How We Make Decisions

Public Meetings and Consultations

The dates, times & places of all public meetings and public consultations held by the Commissioner.

Commissioner's upcoming public meetings - The PCC's weekly diary page highlights public meetings - CLICK HERE to view. 

Record of the Commissioner's public meetings May 2016 to date - CLICK HERE

Accountability Board

How the Commissioner and Chief Constable do business

To view details of the Accountability Board CLICK HERE 

Decision Records

A record of every significant decision taken by or on behalf of the Commissioner as a result of a meeting or otherwise..

To view the Decision Log CLICK HERE 

Joint Independent Audit Committee 

An independendent oversight of PCC and Force Governance

Joint Independent Audit Committee Annual Report 2018-19

Agendas, Minutes and Reports
30 July 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports
24 September 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports
10 December 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports
10 March 2019  Agenda Minutes  Reports 
7 June 2019  Agenda Minutes  Reports
29 July 2019  Agenda Minutes  Reports
23 September 2019  Agenda    Reports
9 December 2019  Agenda Minutes   Reports
March 2020 Cancelled    
8 June 2020 Agenda and Reports   Minutes  
27 July 2020 Agenda and Reports  Minutes (see 28.09.20)  
28 September 2020 Agenda, Reports and Minutes of previous meeting