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How We Make Decisions

Public Meetings and Consultations

The dates, times & places of all public meetings and public consultations held by the Commissioner.

Commissioner's upcoming public meetings - The PCC's weekly diary page highlights public meetings - CLICK HERE to view. 

Record of the Commissioner's public meetings May 2016 to date - CLICK HERE


Corporate Governance Group

To view the Corporate Governance Framework CLICK HERE

Terms of Reference

Regional Collaboration Board

After May 2015 RCB minutes were published by South Yorkshire OPCC at 

Decision Records

A record of every significant decision taken by or on behalf of the Commissioner as a result of a meeting or otherwise.

To view the Decision Log CLICK HERE 

Joint Independent Audit Committee 

Agendas, Minutes and Reports
 14 March 2013  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 21 June 2013  Agenda Minutes   Reports
 26 September 2013  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 20 December 2013  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 14 March 2014  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 27 June 2014  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 26 September 2014  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 19 December 2014  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 27 March 2015  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 26 June 2015  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 25 September 2015  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 18 December 2015  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 11 March 2016  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 22 May 2017  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 30 June 2017  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 25 September 2017  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 11 December 2017  Agenda Minutes  Reports
 19 March 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports
  25 May 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports
  30 July 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports
  24 September 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports
10 December 2018  Agenda Minutes  Reports