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Expenses Claims

The scheme of allowances paid to each relevant office holder in respect of expenses incurred by them in exercise of the PCC's function. CLICK HERE 

Expenses claimed by the PCC May 2016 to date

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 June 2016 July 2016 August 2016
 November 2016 February 2017 May 2017
 August - November 2017 December 2017 - April  2018 April 2018 - March 2019 
 March - August 2019 August - December 2019 January - March 2020
March 2020 to present = Nil, due to Covid restrictions    


Expenses incurred by the PCC May 2016 to date

The expenses incurred by the PCC 2016-20 (None since March 2020 due to Covid restrictions)

* Expenses are claimed in batches, approximately every 3 months.

* The PCC uses his own vehicle to travel to meetings or travels with a staff member in their own vehicle. During the normal working week mileage from home to work and return is deducted.

* The PCC claims the HMRC mileage rate of 45p per mile for costs incurred travelling to/from meetings in his own vehicle.

* Where rail travel is necessary, the PCC travels standard class, unless first class travel is available at the same price or lower.