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North Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Services

North Lincolnshire

Women’s Refuge 01724 289299

The Blue Door Domestic and Sexual Abuse Support 0800 197 4787

What happens if you contact Blue Door’s confidential helpline for North Lincolnshire?

By calling 0800 197 47 87 the team at Blue Door are there to listen and talk to you about choices. Contacting Blue Door does not mean that choices are taken away, it does not mean that have to leave your home and move to a refuge, it does not mean that the police will come around or that your children will be taken a safe place against your will.

The choice about how to move forward is yours, will be done at your pace and with your consent.

How does Blue Door support calls made to the police?

When someone calls 101 or 999 about their situation, the police control room will offer support from a specialist Blue Door worker to talk about your situation and the choices you have. This support is available out of hours, including weekends.