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Help to stop Abusive Behaviour


Are you concerned that your behaviour towards your partner is damaging your relationship?

If there are children in the home, are you worried they are witnessing too many arguments between you and your partner?

Help and support is available for you and it's okay to ask for it.

It can be tough facing up to difficult problems. There is support for you to make the changes that you need, so that you are safe around your partner and children if you have them.

On this page is information that can help you to face up to what is happening and stop it. It won't be easy and may take some time, but taking that first step is the right thing to do for everyone involved.

RespectThe Respect website is a national service that includes information about domestic violence and abuse. Respect encourage you to think hard and face up honestly to the things that you have done. Call 0808 802 4040 or Visit the website here. 

There are also local services available where you live, get in touch with your local project so that you can get some support.

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