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Commissioner comments on latest crime figures.


KH-Outside-Office-casualHumberside Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has commented on the latest release of crime data from the Office of National Statistics. This release covers reported crime levels for the 12 months ending September 2016, compared to the previous 12 months. *Links to the data tables can be found at the bottom of this page*

Mr Hunter said: “The latest ONS crime figures show a continuing rise in crime across the Humberside Police area, similar to all over the country. Whilst some of this is down to changes in recording practices there is still an underlying upward trend adding an additional burden on the police and, more importantly, more victims of crime. From my conversations with members of the public and councillors, the problems experienced in some parts of the Humber area suggest that trend is being felt in our communities. That is a real cause for concern and something I am very focussed on.

“What is pleasing is the 4% reduction in crime in North East Lincolnshire, bucking the trend in North Lincolshire, Hull and the East Riding. Reducing crime is complex but the police can make the biggest impact on crime when they work closely with partners and get to the root of problems and not deal just with the symptoms. That is what is now beginning to happen in North East Lincolnshire. Following some high profile policing operations to confront criminal activity and anti-social behaviour, Grimsby received the first extra police resources made possible by the additional money I provided for the force. That has gone where I said it would in getting more feet on the ground in communities. The officers and PCSOs are now working hand-in-hand with the local authority and other partners and the early signs are very promising. They have been very well received by the residents.

“More resources are yet to go into Grimsby, but also Scunthorpe, the East Riding and Hull. The numbers are limited due to finances but I will be working closely with the force to identify where I can find more money to put into getting even more officers and PCSOs into communities. That is what the public tell me they want and that is what I am working to provide.

“I have heard people in North East Lincolnshire say they are the poor relations when it comes to resources in policing. Whether or not that was ever true, they are not now. They needed it and got the first extra resources and more will follow. The challenge now is to make them work for the people and to start getting crime reductions in other areas also. Police officers’ and PCSOs’ feet on the ground in areas where there is a need for them makes a real difference to peoples’ lives and levels of crime. In spite of ongoing cuts to funding I will work hard to get as many officers and PCSOs into communities as is possible, working in a more joined-up approach.

“That is what a Police and Crime Commissioner can do, having a real effect on peoples’ lives, but this work takes detailed negotiation with the police and many other partners and necessitates different ways of thinking, planning and influencing, much of it breaking new ground. I said I would approach this role professionally and not just as a politician, that’s why many voted for me, so I have concentrated on delivering substance not merely a public profile. Often the substance is hidden until the results show.

“There is much more to be done but progress has been made. The latest crime figures illustrate the size of the challenge we all face but also offer some hope there may be a way forward.”

Click play below to hear Keith giving his thoughts on the latest release 

Crime Levels for year ending September 2016 compared to the previous 12 months

Humberside Police Total Force Area

East Riding of Yorkshire      Kingston upon Hull      North Lincolnshire     North East Lincolnshire