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Police survey on methods of contact


Humberside Police have launched a survey to better understand how people currently contact them and what made them choose one contact method over others. The results will help them identify opportunities to develop new ways of working as part of their Smart Contact project.
999 and 101 are the two most commonly used ways of contacting the police but what if they could give you easier ways of getting in touch, a more modern way of asking questions or finding out information or better access to their services at times that are simply more convenient in the future?
This survey aims to give Humberside Police better insight into how people currently access their services and to find out more about which of their contact methods are most likely to be chosen and why.
There are many ways you can access police services but the vast majority of the public will still use the telephone, even when it isn't an emergency, when it isn’t a police matter or when simply seeking the answer to a question.
This is why the force are looking at modernising their contact methods in order to create new ways of getting in touch and more effective ways of accessing their services that don’t always require a call or a visit to a police station. Their aim is simple - to mirror the accessibility of other modern service providers.
The survey won't take long to complete so please take a few minutes to fill it in as your information is key to helping them develop their business.




Posted on Wednesday 1st February 2017