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Commissioner content with police approach to Covid-19 lockdown

Police Car

Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter has sought assurances from Humberside Police on how they are implementing the new powers granted to them during the Coronavirus pandemic, and is content with their approach so far.   

Keith Hunter said: "I have been clear since my election that I wanted Humberside Police to reconnect with, and re-build the confidence of the public, while delivering safer and more resilient communities, and protecting the vulnerable. When this crisis started it was my view that those aims I have consistently championed become even more important and they should not become blurred by the publishing of temporary additions to the current Police and Crime Plan as some other PCCs have done. Consistency of approach is vital to gaining and maintaining the support of communities.

"My ask of the Chief Constable was, how was he going to deliver against those key outcomes even during a period of crisis, when the police would necessarily be called upon to carry out new tasks on top of their usual work, with countless new pressures and risks?

"Lee Freeman the Chief Constable has, in response, sought to be honest and clear with his staff, officers, Special Constables, PCSOs and volunteers as well as the public during this period. The best chance to reduce to a minimum those who will be adversely affected by this devastating public health emergency is to have the maximum number of people applying the rules issued by Government. To achieve that the police will seek to gain the co-operation of the public and develop their goodwill during this testing time for everyone. To maintain the balance will mean that some, who are intent on ignoring the rules the vast majority are applying, and in doing so putting themselves and others at risk, will need to be dealt with under the law, either by the issuing of a fixed penalty ticket or in extreme cases by arrest. When this occurs it is done in the interest of all of us, to keep us safe.

"The numbers and circumstances of positive action taken against those breaching the rules applying during this crisis now form part of my assurance processes with the Force. I am content that the way the Force is applying the law, is balanced and consistent with my ambitions for the Humberside area and the stated objectives of the Chief Constable. I will maintain that scrutiny and challenge.

"I ask that everyone continues to play their part, and abides by the latest Government rules and guidance to protect themselves, their loved ones and the National Health Service. Stay at home and stay safe."

You can find helpful information on protecting yourself, your family and others HERE


Posted on Wednesday 15th April 2020