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Coronavirus - Statement from PCC Keith Hunter

KH - Grimsby portrait

We are living through unprecedented times in terms of the peacetime challenge we all face as individuals, communities and a nation. During such times we, together, will create a record that will be looked back upon in the future and researched for generations, as we do with the challenges faced by our forebears, all too often for them, in wartime. This is our opportunity to make our children and grandchildren proud of our response, as we are of those who went before us and who faced greater challenges. What we all do today creates our legacy for tomorrow. 

That thought should guide all our actions during the coming months when undoubtedly things will get worse before they start getting better. It is in all our interests to shorten to the absolute minimum the period during which things continue to get worse. It is for that reason that I implore everyone to listen to the most up-to-date advice from Government and their public health advisers and apply that advice to the letter.

In any developing crisis there will be differences of opinion about the precise measures to be taken, or the timing of such measures, but the people advising the government have spent their whole professional lives in preparation for an event such as this and, although no one is infallible, their advice offers the single best hope for this country to emerge from a potentially devastating situation with the fewest people having lost a loved one or having suffered extremely serious health problems. Every time you decide to ignore advice or take a chance you are putting other lives at risk, not just your own. It is that simple and it is that stark.

During this period you can remain confident that law and order will be maintained. Part of my role as Police and Crime Commissioner is to ensure, on the behalf of the public of the Humberside Police area, that our police service continues to provide an effective service and our communities are a safe place to live. I have regular calls with the Chief Constable and other senior officers who are all very busy ensuring the necessary planning is in place for the force itself but also between all essential services. As we move into the next phases of this pandemic I will, on your behalf, be seeking assurances that policing remains connected to our communities and is responsive to your needs, as far as is possible in what will be testing times. Please understand that all front line public services will be stretched during this time and please don’t call unless really necessary.

I would like to offer my support and thanks to all our public servants during this period when, once again, they embody the very best of us.  The challenge for the rest of us is to live up to their example, to act sensibly and selflessly and together we can create that legacy which will allow our children and grandchildren to look back with pride.


Posted on Monday 23rd March 2020