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Funding announcement - Supporting people affected by Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence


Police and Crime Commissioner COVID-19 Extraordinary Funding

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

On 19 May 2020, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) announced a package of additional urgent funding in response to COVID 19. This is known as COVID-19 extraordinary funding. The funding is being made available to support people affected by Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

The funds available from the MoJ to be distributed by PCC Keith Hunter are as follows: 

DA abuse services that are already commissioned by PCCs


SV services that are already commissioned by PCCs and those that are not currently funded by PCCs


DA services that are not currently commissioned by PCCs


To be eligible for the funding, organisations must be a registered charity, a charitable incorporated organisation, or a social enterprise, including companies limited by guarantee and community interest companies. They must provide support services which have the purpose of helping victims of crime cope with the impacts of crime, and, as far as possible, recover from the harm they have experienced.

The funding is available to cover the period from 24 March to 31 October 2020. The funding is designed to meet the additional costs registered charities or social enterprises have incurred or will incur whilst adapting their services during the pandemic, and to cope with demand increases resulting from it, during this time period. For example, funding may be used to: 

  • address short term income disruption;
  • meet essential costs of sustaining current activities, such the purchasing of assets to support the move to remote and digital working, and additional staff to cover those unable to work for reasons related to the pandemic; and
  • address increased demand.

This list is not exhaustive and further details are available in our Question and Answer document which can be found HERE

The deadline for applications to this fund is close of business 1 June 2020.

UPDATEThe Government has announced that the deadline for applications to PCC offices for COVID 19 Extraordinary Funding has been extended from 1 June 2020 to 5 June 2020. We will therefore keep the fund open to bids until 17:00 on Friday 5 June 2020.

Applications to this fund must be made using the MoJ application form found HERE

A flow chart showing the overall process can be found HERE

Applications should be returned by email to

Enquiries about applications can be made to Robbie Walker-Brown at the PCC's office at

The timetable for this funding as announced by the MoJ is as follows: 


MoJ issue guidance and other relevant documentation, including indicative allocation letter. PCCs may start assessment process.


PCC assessment process must close. Deadline for organisations to send information to PCCs. *See update above


PCCs must provide assurance documentation to MoJ


MoJ issue grant agreements to PCCs


PCCs must return signed grant agreement to MoJ


PCCs will have received payment




Posted on Thursday 21st May 2020