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Police Funding Settlement - Commissioner's Statement

KH - Grimsby portrait

On Wednesday 22nd January the Government announced the Police Grant Settlement for 2020/21. The statement from Home Secretary Priti Patel MP can be read HERE

Part of the funding announcement gives PCCs the flexibility to increase the Police Precept portion of the Council Tax by up to £10 per household (based on a Band D property). PCC Keith Hunter has proposed an inflation-only rise for the Humberside Police area of 2.2% which is approximately half the maximum amount permitted in the Government announcement. You can read his proposal, check what it means for your own household and give your views HERE

In response to the Government announcement Keith Hunter said: “I welcome the implicit acceptance by Government that they have seriously underfunded policing for a decade illustrated by this announcement and that they seem to be, at least partially, living up to their promise to replace some of the 20,000 officers they reduced nationally.

Their statement of what is available to spend in this area assumes another above-inflation rise in Council Tax, which I am not prepared to deliver on top of the two previous above-inflation rises. Some people in this area are struggling and should not have to face another above-inflation hike in their local tax for policing. Any money above a rise for inflation that the Government will provide for the Humberside Police area will be paid in arrears only for additional officers recruited. That is fine but does not address the current hole in the budget created by successive years of Government cuts. This is a welcome but small step by the Government in repairing the damage they have done to the safety of our communities.”




Posted on Thursday 23rd January 2020