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Engagement Officers recognised by High Sheriff

High Sheriff Awards 2021 - Group

Two members of our Community Engagement Team have been recognised by the High Sheriff of the East Riding of Yorkshire for their work in our region and bringing together agencies to create safer communities.

Debbie Fagan, who covers the East Riding of Yorkshire, and Matt Wright, who covers the City of Hull, received their award certificates and a gift of thanks from High Sheriff Andrew Horncastle at a socially-distanced presentation ceremony outside our office.  

Police and Crime Commissioner Keith Hunter also attended the presentation and said: "This is great recognition for our Engagement Officers to receive this award from the High Sheriff for the work they do out in our communities. One of the key changes to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner since I took office was the introduction of the Engagement Team to ensure we are out there representing the community voice and it is wonderful that this has been recognised for Debbie and Matt who do such a good job." 

High Sheriff Andrew Horncastle said: "A great part of the job of being High Sheriff is saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘Well Done’ to those who go above and beyond, and then being able to present them with a High Sheriff Award.  In my year in office I have met and worked with some amazing individuals, groups and charities. I believe that this is humanity at its very best. "

The High Sheriff's Commedations were as follows:

Debbie is the Community Engagement Officer for the East Riding within the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner. The challenges are different to Hull, with the East Riding being a large rural county. Debbie helped make introductions in the early part of my year and, in particular, championed the need for a boxing club in Goole. This was something that had been identified which would positively impact youth support provision in the town with the second highest level of deprivation in the East Riding. Well done Debbie and thank you.

Matt is, again, one of those people who works quietly away under the radar. As the Community Engagement Officer for Hull within the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Matt’s role is to connect. He contacted me early in my year recommending that I must speak to various different groups and he directed me to the Friends Against Scams website, where I undertook their online course. Scammers prey on the vulnerable and elderly and these criminals are very difficult to catch. Greater awareness and prevention are the best defence. Well done Matt and thank you.

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Posted on Tuesday 16th March 2021