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Delivery Plan

The Humberside OPCC Delivery Plan

 This is the second published OPCC Delivery Plan which works as an operational tool ensuring that the OPCC team work effectively towards achieving the aims of the Police and Crime Plan.  It is the intention that this document is an operational one in that it will form the basis of how the team are provided strategic direction.

The document will also inform the public and the Police and Crime Panel of the OPCC direction of travel for the coming year and provide an overview of the activities undertaken to ensure an effective office that supports the PCC to exercise his duties effectively.

The Delivery Plan will provide focus for the OPCC team on prioritising use of time and resources whilst moving towards a clear vision.

This plan will not provide full details of activities that are considered to be business as usual. That should not be mistaken as these activities not taking place and the OPCC will ensure sufficient emphasis is placed on these areas of work including on our statutory responsibilities. These activities will be evidenced in quarterly updates provided to the Police and Crime Panel. These areas of work include; 

-          Improving the performance of the Force through an effective programme of assurance and robust governance arrangements

-          The PCC being an effective voice of the public and thoroughly understanding the needs of the public

-          Leading and shaping partnership working throughout the criminal justice and community safety sector thus creating more impact with less resource

-          Encouraging effective collaboration at local, regional and national level where it is in the best interests of the people of Humberside

-          Effective provision of high quality services to victims of crime

-          Proactively engaging in the activity of the wider Association of Police and Crime Commissioners; playing an active role in areas of particular interest to the success of the Police and Crime Plan

-          Ensuring the OPCC team is directed, motivated and performance managed to serve the best interests of the public with a team that is fit for purpose and at the appropriate level of capacity to deliver the outcomes of the Police and Crime Plan

The OPCC has begun a process of outcome based planning in how the delivery plan is produced and reviewed.  When used effectively this methodology is proven to focus the use of time and resources on activities that can directly influence the outcome that is aspired to.  The OPCC in line with ethos within the Police and Crime Plan has been using its influence with other partners such as Humberside Police and the Community Safety Partnerships to embed similar approaches to planning and results.  We are confident in the coming year the results of this work will be notable. 

To view the OPCC Delivery Plan click the image below

 Del Plan 2018-19 Cover