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Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

In East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, all agencies work in partnership to tackle violence and abuse against women and girls. Our long term aim is to change a culture which has been ingrained in our society for hundreds of years, support anyone who has been subjected to abuse or violence, for you to have the confidence to come forward and report what has happened to you and be reassured that you will be supported.

We must ensure future generations are raised to treat women and girls with respect and understand fully what it means to be part of a healthy, consensual relationship.   

The links on this page will enable you to report offences in confidence to the police online or you can call them on 101 or in an emergency, always dial 999. You can tell us about places where you feel unsafe to walk, especially at night. There's information on our regional care centre where you will be looked after if you have experienced a sexual assualt or rape, and links to other support agencies who can help you.

If you are a practitioner working in this sector, there are also resources for reference.

You are not alone, reach out, we are here for you.