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Humberside Criminal Justice Board

Hull-prison-571313The Humberside Criminal Justice Board (CJB) is made up of senior representatives of the criminal justice agencies that work in the Humber region. It exists to bring together these agencies to encourage communication and collaboration.

What is the purpose of the Criminal Justice Board?

The CJB is non-statutory: Members attend on voluntary basis. It aims to deliver effective, efficient and fair justice for the communities of Humberside by:

  • Managing in a spirit of collaboration and joint working
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships across Criminal Justice System (CJS) agencies, the wider public sector and the voluntary and community sector
  • Providing strong and clear leadership for reducing offending
  • Improving the CJS through better connection to our local communities Securing CJS efficiencies at a local and regional level
  • Improving outcomes for victims and witnesses
  • Applying academic rigour across the Board’s work
  • Influencing change at a local, regional and national level

Humberside CJB - Quarterly Update - Q1 2021


Who are the members of the Humberside Criminal Justice Board?

Criminal Justice Board Logo

The board is chaired by the Police and Crime Commissioner, and supported by a Business Manager. The core members are: (click links for more information)

The board also includes representatives from:

How does the CJB work?

The CJB brings agencies together to discuss work that affects two or more of its members. As well as the CJB itself, which is a strategic meeting, there are sub-groups made up of people working in the local criminal justice agencies. These groups identify problems and propose solutions to the board. The CJB and its subgroups each meet four times a year.

What are the CJB Subgroups?

The CJB subgroups are:

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness – which focuses on the interactions between the agencies in the Criminal Justice System
  • Reducing Offending – which identifies and recommends interventions to reduce offending and reoffending in our communities
  • Victims and Witness Care - which aims to improve the experiences of victims of crime, but within and outside of the formal criminal justice system.

Support is provided to the CJB and all of its groups by an Equality and Diversity group made up of experts from the key agencies working with the public in the area.