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About Freedom Of Information

What is the Freedom Of Information Act 2000?

Any person or organisation has the right to request any information from the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) that the Office of the PCC holds, subject to the exemptions listed in the Act. The Act intends to promote a culture of openness and accountability and therefore facilitate better understanding of how the PCC (and other organisations) carry out their duties, why we make the decisions we make and how we spend public money.

A lot of the information that we are required to provide under a publication scheme is already available on this website. Before you make a request for information please check the website pages and the Disclosure Log as the information you are looking for may already be available. If the information you want is not already available on this website you may make a specific request for information and we will deal with it in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. To make a request please put your request in writing to the Office of the PCC for Humberside. Please include a name and address for correspondence, and the information you require in as much detail as you can offer.

The Information Commissioner is responsible for promoting the Act, advising on good practice and may overrule an authority’s decision not to disclose information.  Further details, together with advice on how to submit a request can be found on his website

Publication Scheme

The Information Commissioner's Office has produced a model publication scheme for all public authorities to follow. The PCC has adopted the model publication scheme, a copy of which can be found Under the scheme the OPCC must produce a guide to the specific information it holds and which is contained within any of the Scheme's seven classes. A copy of the guide can be found HERE.


The Office of the PCC will normally be required to respond to your request within 20 working days from the date of receipt. However, this can be extended in certain circumstances. 


The Office of the PCC must supply the information you have requested (if we hold it) within the timescale previously stated unless an exemption applies. An exemption may either permit the PCC to withhold some or all of the information. If an exemption applies, the PCC may take more time to consider your request. In either case you will be kept informed.  


There is no charge for searching for information. However if the staff time involved to search, identify and retrieve the information exceeds £450.00, a charge can be made or we can refuse the request. We can make a nominal charge for disbursements e.g. photocopying at 10 pence per A4 sheet. If a charge for searching for information is payable we will advise you but the information you have requested will not be supplied until that fee is paid.

Other legislation

If you make a request for information relating to yourself it will be dealt with under the Data Protection Act 1998 and you will be advised accordingly.  

Advice and assistance

The Office of the PCC has a duty to provide advice and assist to help you obtain information from the PCC. This could be in the form of

  • Providing help and assistance if you are visually impaired
  • Arranging assistance in interpreting information into other languages where practically reasonable
  • In exceptional circumstances noting down the request for you and obtaining your confirmation of the details
  • Referring you to other agencies for help such as the Citizens Advice Bureau

If the PCC does not hold the information requested but believes that some or all of the information is held by another public authority we will either provide you with the contact details of the other public authority or transfer your request to them with your consent.
If your request relates to operational police issues and we do not hold the information that you have requested, we may, with your consent, forward your request to Humberside Police.

If you require any advice or assistance please contact:

Statutory Operations Manager
Office of the PCC for Humberside
The Lawns
Harland Way
HU16 5SN


Telephone: 01482 220787 

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