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National survey reveals victims are losing faith in the criminal justice system

VC Survey

A new national survey by the Victims' Commissioner for England and Wales has revealed victims are losing faith in the criminal justice system and suggests less than half of victims would report to the police again based on their experience of the justice system.

  • The survey found just 43% of victims would report a crime again based on their previous experiences of the criminal justice system. Just half would attend court again, down from 67% in 2020.
  • Ethnic minorities are less likely to feel like they were treated fairly and respectfully by police.
  • 66% of victims told the Commissioner they had to wait too long before their case came to court; only 9% of victims thought the courts dealt with cases promptly.

Read the full article and download the survey report here.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside Jonathan Evison said: "I plan to improve the way that support services for victims and people affected by crime are delivered. The Victims Code contains 12 Rights, and my office commissions services to deliver some of those Rights. A public consultation will take place soon so we can better understand the needs of victims in our area and ensure that they have access to the support they need to navigate the criminal justice system, cope and recover."

Get more information on the services we commission for victims, and your rights under the Victims' Code here.

For local support in East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, contact Victim Support - Visit their website here.

Posted on Monday 13th September 2021