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Commissioning and Grants

What is Commissioning?

Grant-BidThe Police and Crime Commissioner has commissioning powers and funding to help him to cut crime and improve community safety. He will commission services and award grants to organisations or bodies that he considers will support the community safety priorities in his Police and Crime Plan. He will work effectively with other local leaders in the area, who can also provide resources.

The Commissioner will also work to influence how all parties prioritise and bring together their resources to tackle local problems. He can pool funding with other local partners and have flexibility to decide how resources are used.

The Commissioner will look to develop solutions with partners on a range of crime and health issues including local authorities who will have responsibility for establishing Health and Wellbeing Boards. Joint efforts to tackle mental health, drugs and alcohol issues not only have immediate benefits for the health sector, they will have benefits for policing and community safety as the links between public health and crime are readily acknowledged.

Our remit for commissioning includes victims and people affected by crime, serious crime and trauma related issues, as such we commission the following services (follow links for more information): 

Click here to read our Commissioning Strategy 2023 - 2028

Grant funding for community projects

The PCC’s Community Safety Fund offers grants towards the costs of community safety and crime reduction projects across the Humber area.  It is designed to support community organisations to kick-start local projects that will cut crime and antisocial behaviour and improve feelings of safety.

The Fund can provide funding of between £500 and £35,000 towards projects that meet the scheme criteria.  A total of £1.1m has been allocated to the Fund between 2022/23 and 2024/25.

Click here for more information on the Community Safety Fund and details of how to apply for a grant.

To view news of recent funding awards click the links in the table below

Funding Awards
Pelican Park, Hull  
Gunness Village Hall - June 2023YMCA Humber - June 2023
Grimsby Retailers in Partnership - Oct 2022Sutton Cricket Club - June 2023
Goole Lighting - July 2022Hull Bid Community Vehicle