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End of Term Report 2016-21

End of Term Report 2016-21The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) works to support the Commissioner and deliver against the aims of the Police and Crime Plan and over the last five years we have seen tremendous achievements by the team. Commissioning of services has been reshaped, victims services are more aligned and we have improved the governance of Humberside Police.

During this time Humberside Police has moved from 'Inadequate' to a 'Good' rating across the board from HM Inspectorate for their first time in its history and our investment has significantly boosted officer numbers against the national trend.

Funding from our office has enabled many schemes and activities to improve community safety in our region. We have established our Engagement Team who are out every day working with partners and the public to really make a difference.

Together we are helping to build safer communities, build confidence in the agencies involved, and providing services to victims and the vulnerable that meet their needs, but we aren't finished yet, there is much more to do.

To mark this progress the Office has produced a booklet and video outlining the key achievements over the last five years.

Rachel Cook
Chief Executive for OPCC 

To view our End of Term Report 2016-21, read the flip book below (click the 'X' button to read full screen)

or CLICK HERE for a PDF version and

Watch the video below  (subtitled version on YouTube HERE)

End of Term Report 2016-21