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Humberside Police - Total Crime


Here is the latest recorded crime data for the Humberside Police Force area for the 12 months ending September 2018, released by the Office of National Statistics on 24th January 2019.

Total recorded crime (excluding fraud) was 94,533. Compared to the previous 12 months this is an increase of 13% which is above the national increase of 8%. Every police force but four in England and Wales has seen a rise in crime. The ONS has previously stated that improvements made by police forces in recording crime are a factor in this year’s increases.

Key increases and reductions in Humberside:

Humberside has seen a 24% increase in the number of Violence against the Person offences, which is above the national increase of 19%. Humberside’s level of recorded Stalking and Harassment has almost doubled in the 12 months to September 2018 in comparison to the previous year and accounts for 58% of the change in violence recorded by the Force. The last ONS publication stated that "it is likely that recording improvements are an important factor in this rise, particularly in relation to malicious communication offences due to improved compliance in recording of these new offences over time”.

The publication also shows an increase in the number of recorded Sexual Offences, which is up 14% nationally and 19% locally. The last ONS publication recognised that improvements in the recording of sexual offences, along with an increased willingness of victims to come forward and report these crimes to the police, is thought to have contributed to the increase.

Humberside’s 17% increase in the number of robberies matched the national increase.

The Force’s 3% increase in the number of Theft Offences is above the national increase of 1%. Humberside’s overall increase is a result of a 17% increase in the number of Shoplifting offences.

More recent data held by the Force (12 months to December 2018) indicate that the increase in Shoplifting has now fallen to +10% (and this should be reflected in the next ONS publication in April 2019).

Humberside has achieved a 9% reduction in the number of burglaries and an 8% reduction in the number of vehicle offences.  Nationally, the reduction in burglary is at 1%, whilst there has been an increase (+3%) in the number of vehicle offences.

Humberside has also recorded a 4% reduction in the number of Drug offences over the last year and now has the lowest rate of recorded drug offences per 1,000 population of all forces nationally.

Humberside has recorded a 59% increase in the number of Public order offences, which is above the national increase of 24%. In the previous ONS publication, it was stated that “a large part of this increase is likely to reflect improvements and changes to recording practices”.  The increase is mainly in the sub-category of ‘Public fear, alarm or distress’, which accounts for around three-quarters of all Public Order offences. 

Humberside’s 14% increase in the number Miscellaneous crimes against society matches the national increase.  Humberside’s increase in this category is wholly accounted for by the offence classification of ‘Threat or possession with intent to commit criminal damage’, which has seen a 45% increase (+295 offences).