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Victim Services Survey

The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for commissioning the services that support victims of crime. Sometimes people affected by crime do not feel they get the support they need or want from victim services so we would like to know how you would like them to improve.

Here is a message from Commissioner and you can click the link below the video to take the survey. 



Click here to take the Victim Services survey 

This is an anonymous survey, the questions will not identify you, so please answer as truthfully and fully as possible.

This information will NOT go to the police – please do not place any personal details or report a crime here.

Click here to contact Humberside Police

Click here to contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

If you have been affected by crime and would like to contact someone who could help please contact Victim Support:

Online at

By phone on 0300 303 1976  

If you need support outside of opening hours, call the Victim Support 24/7 Supportline free on 0808 16 89 111 or request support via their website (above)

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