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Partnership Working

PartnershipThe PCC works closely with statutory and non-statutory partners within the Humberside Police area, as well as beyond.

An important role of any PCC is to strengthen partnership working, as they are responsible for the totality of policing in their area.  Success depends on a whole host of committed individuals, partnerships, agencies and communities working alongside them.

Locally, the ‘big team’ approach to reducing crime is a vital part of the force structure.  It is important that the four unitary authorities (East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hull, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire) and other partners, work hand-in-hand with the PCC and police, sharing good practice to help protect the public.

The OPCC is home to the Humberside Criminal Justice Board (HCJB), who work closely with the various criminal justice agencies, e.g. The National Probation Service, the Community Rehabilitation Company, the Youth Justice Service, Crown Prosecution Service, the Police and the Courts.

The Office of the PCC commissions various services including Victim Support, Restorative Justice, Specialist support for victims of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, funds local Community Safety Partnerships and much more. You can get more information by reading our Annual Report HERE