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PCC Election 2024

Police and Crime Commissioner Election – 2nd May 2024

Facebook Election banner 2024Information for voters - The PCC Election is on Thursday 2nd May. 

You can find information on the candidates standing for election in our police area at 

Are you standing as a candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the Humberside Police area?

This web page will help you locate the information you need.

In order for the PCC to be able to successfully undertake their duties they are supported by a team of staff known as the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC). The OPCC is a non-political, impartial organisation.

Is there something missing from this page or further information required? Please contact Rachel Cook, Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer on 01482 220787 or email

The OPCC Chief Executive and the Chief Constable have developed a Joint Protocol in preparation for the election to ensure that candidates and prospective candidates are dealt with in a transparent and equal manner. View it here   

Humberside Police with the Returning Officer for the PCC elections have developed the following letter which will be shared with agents, candidates and campaigners to provide further guidance on the election process - VIEW HERE

Also available:

APCC - The roles and Responsibilities of a PCC 

What does your PCC do for you? 

An introduction to OPCC Staffing Structures

Transparency Index - Links to statutory information the OPCC must publish 

There is also information available on the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners website 

APCC Pre-Election Guidance

Security video for PCC candidates standing for election


PCC Election 2024 - You Have A Voice (Association of Police and Crime Commissioners)


Government Briefings

The Electoral Commission has published a briefing for PCC Candidates and Agents

Electoral Commission Guidance for Candidates and their Agents

The sections below have been prepared by the Office of the PCC for Humberside and give an overview of the work of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The roles and responsibilities of the PCC come from the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (the Act).  Under the Act, the PCC is required to appoint a Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer – this site describes the roles and responsibilities of these statutory appointments.  Details of the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Constable for Humberside Police and the Police and Crime Panel are also set out in this site.

The respective roles of the PCC, the Police and Crime Panel and the Chief Constable, and how their functions are exercised in relation to each other, are set out in the Policing Protocol Order 2011 which was issued under the Act.  Paragraphs 15 to 18 describe in detail the PCC’s statutory powers and legal duties.

The term of office for the PCC is 4 years (although the first PCC’s were elected in November 2012).  Elections take place in each subsequent fourth year. The 2020 election was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and held in May 2021 meaning incumbent PCCs have served a term of three years. The next PCC election is on 2nd May 2024.

Transparency and fairness

It is hoped that the information and links provided on this web-site will provide sufficient information for all prospective candidates.  Our aim is to provide the same information to everyone.

Use of OPCC website

Following discussion and consultation, the OPCC Chief Executive has agreed the following for the use of the OPCC website during the PCC election campaign. 

  • Any potential PCC candidate is free to refer to or link to the OPCC website
  • The OPCC website will continue throughout the election as a source of information
  • The incumbent PCC will not be permitted to use the OPCC website for campaigning. However, as stated above, references/links to the website are permitted as this is already in the public domain and used for legitimate OPCC/PCC activity
  • Images containing police officers or staff should not be used for campaigning purposes during the pre-election period which begins on 25th March 2024. 
  • The election page on the website will be updated and maintained by the OPCC throughout the election process. All requests from candidates for information will be captured and published in a disclosure log with names redacted.

A joint CEO and Chief Constable Election Protocol is published here for further information. Any further questions are to be directed to the the OPCC Chief Executive (details below).

Further information

Police and Crime Plan 2021/25

End of Term Report 2021-24

OPCC Annual Report 2022/23

OPCC Delivery Plan 2024/25

If you need any further information that is not provided by this website, please contact the Chief Executive Rachel Cook at  We will publish all responses on this website in the form of an information request and disclosure log (click here to view), although requests will be anonymised before publication.